Our sponsorships

Student Horizons is passionate about the youth space it excels within and is committed to supporting other organisations in the field of youth education and sport in Australia, New Zealand and further afield. Community engagement is at heart of all we do both at home and overseas.

Queensland Rugby Union and St. George Queensland Reds

In January 2017 Student Horizons became an Official Partner of the Queensland Rugby Union and St. George Queensland Reds and the Official School Sports Tour Partner of the Queensland Rugby Union. This saw the commencement of a three-year partnership.

The partnership sees an alignment with the following Queensland secondary schools XV’s and 7’s tournaments run by Queensland Rugby Union each year:

  • Student Horizons Ballymore Cup
  • Student Horizons All Schools Queensland Sevens Tournament


Student Horizons is a proud sponsor of the Association of Boys Schools New Zealand (ABSNZ). Now in its seventh year Jamie Wansey, Managing Director of Student Horizons enjoys the camaraderie and friendship with the Boys Schools Principals.

Passchendaele Society

Sponsor of the Passchendaele Society.

In February 2014 Student Horizons forged an exciting 4-year partnership with The Passchendaele Society. The Passchendaele Society is an action group working towards better nationwide recognition of the influence which Passchendaele and the Western Front had on the development of New Zealand's nationhood and sense of national identity. The prime objective is to increase community awareness and recognition of the events at Passchendaele and the Western Front related to the Great War of 1914-1918. The sponsorship provided to the Passchendaele Society by Student Horizons was utilised towards travel costs for youth travelling to Belgium in 2017 for the centenary commemorations of the Battle of Passchendaele. Student Horizons also facilitated all of the logistics group on a pro bono basis. Jamie is proud to have been a Board Member of the Passchendaele Society, responsible for the Younger Generations Portfolio.

Foundation of Student Horizons

Student Horizons donates an amount of money each year to the Foundation of Student Horizons.  The Foundation is a registered charity with DGR status.

The Foundation of Student Horizons was established by education travel company Student Horizons, who saw a gap to fill in the educational travel industry. The Foundation was created to fill this gap and ensure all youth have access to travel and experiential learning.

Founding Director of Student Horizons, Jamie Wansey is an avid believer that encouraging experiential learning through physical exploration is a must for today’s generation. He strongly feels that travelling young can provide a strong sense of global interconnectedness and develop a deeper understanding and tolerance for today’s ever-changing world.

Through more than a decade working in the youth travel industry, Jamie is convinced that combining education with travel has a lasting and positive effect on young peoples' life choices and values. He became acutely aware that many young people were missing out on these life-changing experiences, so set out to change that reality.

It was with this vision in mind that The Foundation of Student Horizons was established; to provide support for disadvantaged youth, and help reduce the number of young people unable to take advantage of educational travel opportunities due to financial hardship.