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The Lasting Musical Legacy of Number 4, Petrie Terrace

The musical origins of Number 4, Petrie Terrace didn’t begin with the ASPIRE International Youth Music Festival. While the two-storey space in Brisbane is now the home to the Australian branch of Student Horizons, Number 4 actually began as the home, rehearsal space and live performance venue of Australian punk rock band The Saints.

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Tips and Tricks for Long-Haul Flights

Maybe you’ve been on a plane before, maybe your eight- or ten- or eighteen-hour flight will be your first! Whatever your flight experience, long hauls always take a bit of preparation to be as comfortable as possible. Our advice below will have you as set up as any seasoned traveller for your many hours in the air.

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Packing tips for your overseas school tour

Packing for your first trip overseas can seem like an overwhelming task, with so many things to think about! That’s why we have compiled a list of tips and recommendations to help make packing for your school tour a breeze.

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The Top Four Benefits of Educational Travel

There’s no question that travel is an incredibly beneficial thing for young people to do. It will impact them in countless ways, from their achievements in school, their social awareness, their relationships with others, to their maturity and perspective. We have seen and experienced the positive effects travel can have, and we’d like to share our top four benefits of educational travel.

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Tips on maximising your group numbers for your next overseas school tour

For many teachers, it can be a challenge to get enough students signing up to allow your tour to go ahead. Many schools have a tour group minimum to ensure the tour is a viable venture, and of course, the more students sign up, the more affordable the tour becomes for each family! Boosting the numbers of your tour is definitely in your interests, so we’d like to share a few of our tips on how to maximise your group numbers.

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ASPIRE: An unmissable experience for the best young musicians

The ASPIRE International Youth Music Festival will take place at The Star Gold Coast from 17-20 July 2019. Spaces are filling fast, so please get in touch with the ASPIRE team today to make an enquiry.

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  • by Alice Derbyshire

Raising aspirations of young entrepreneurs

It has always been in Student Horizons Managing Director Jamie Wansey’s nature to encourage education and development for young adults around the world; whether through educational tours, the Foundation of Student Horizons or various events such as the ASPIRE International Youth Music Festival.

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