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Student Horizons is a leading school tour company, providing life-shaping educational and sporting experiences. Our single-minded vision is to enrich the lives of young people, therefore, we strive to make overseas and domestic school tours accessible to all students.

We custom design your itineraries so that each experience can be linked directly with your school’s curriculum.

Inspire your students through an  Reef to Rainforest tour visiting the magnificent Great Barrier Reef. Explore Canberra Civics & Citizenship or STEM study tour. Challenge our neighbouring Kiwis on a New Zealand school group tours for your sporting program. Student Horizons provides innovative, tailored school tours abroad and domestically. Through educational travel, we help each student realise their potential, and take them on a journey of self-discovery and independence.

The opportunities are endless so get in touch today!

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Student Horizons High School Experiential Careers Program

A unique opportunity for year 10 students to work on real-world problems in a real-world context developing and enhancing employability skills and attributes, tailored to align with Queensland jobs of the future.

Our School Tours

Educational tours for students

Australia School Tours

Whether you’re looking for an immersive educational experience in Far-North Queensland’s reef and rainforests, a musically inspired trip to ‘culture capital’ Melbourne on a music tour, or a team-strengthening sports tour to the Gold Coast, Student Horizons will provide your group with an exceptional experience. Our Australian domestic school tours allow students to experience their own nation and build a deeper connection to their country, it’s history and cultures.

If you are planning to visit Canberra on a STEM or Year 6 Canberra trip, wanting to building strength in your pre-season team with a sports tour or wondering what attractions cities such as Melbourne or Sydney have to offer, then please get in touch with us at Student Horizons today to begin planning your Australian school tour. It will be an educational and unforgettable experience that will help lay the foundations of your students’ futures.

New Zealand School Tours

New Zealand School Tours

New Zealand’s picturesque landscapes, thrilling activities and the unique Māori culture make it a great choice for your next school tour.

On an NZ school tour, your students will have the opportunity to grow and learn outside of the classroom. Some of the highlights include visiting incredible geothermal hot pools, racing your friends down the luge, and tasting delicious food cooked in a hāngi.

Whether you are looking to tour the North Island or the South Island, NZ has so much to offer to compliment your school’s curriculum. With an office based in Auckland, Student Horizons has the local presence and knowledge to ensure that your New Zealand school tour is an educational experience for life!

Educational School Tours

Excite your students to the fast-moving world of Wall Street or the tech giants of Silicon Valley. Bring that business textbook to life with business school tours abroad. Inspire them to pursue their dreams of performing in a Broadway show and explore Shakespearean theatre with a Performing Arts tour. Immerse them in the lives of an ancient civilisation as they explore historic streets, buildings, and landscapes with a unique history tour of Europe.

No matter the subject you teach, we will tailor your tours to suit your curricular needs, engaging and inspiring your students like never before. Book your educational tours with us today and give your students an experience they’ll be talking about for years to come.


Music School Tours

Music School Tours

Taking your school orchestra, band or choir on overseas school trips is a fantastic way to develop the musical talent of your students. Have your choral, strings, concert or jazz bands perform at renowned venues, and be inspired by local clinicians from top music universities. Test your young musicians by competing with the best of them at the ASPIRE International Music Festival; There are music school tours abroad for every school’s music program.

Our international school trips are fully customisable and based on your music program’s requirements. Book your school music tours with Student Horizons today and see where their love of music can take them.

Sports School Tours

Sports School Tours

With thousands of schools playing all different sports across the globe, there are endless opportunities for sporting school group trips worldwide. Challenge your Soccer team against some of the best football nations across Europe; Have your rugby team battle it out on the stomping grounds of the All Blacks in New Zealand; Elevate your basketball team to the next level with international school trips to the USA; There are sporting tours worldwide to suit every sporting program and level.

Our specialist team and strategic global partnerships match your sports team with schools or clubs of the same calibre; This maximises the value and enjoyment of your tour time overseas. Learn why we have become the school trip travel agency of choice by booking your sports tours. At Student Horizons there is no compromise on quality when it comes to your school group tours.

Tailored Overseas School Trips

As leading school tour operators, Student Horizons are here to make the job of organising a school tour infinitely easier. Every part of your tour itinerary; the places visited, workshops, fixtures, performances, to the sightseeing activities, is carefully crafted with a specific educational purpose in mind.

Our teacher support for all of our international school trips begins with the initial conceptualisation of your tour and ends with a thorough debrief. We ensure that we continue to provide the very best quality and personal service to not only schools but to your students as well. We make sure no stone is left unturned and that every aspect of your school tour will be planned and carried out with education, enjoyment and safety in mind.

Why Choose Student Horizons for Your School Tour?

Safety First on Overseas School Tours

When young people go on international school trips, their adventurous spirit can sometimes lead them into risky situations. Having good safety and security procedures that everyone is familiar with ensures that students can enjoy their school group trips in a safe and supportive environment.

As a leading school tour operator, the safety of your school tours abroad is always our number one priority. By having numerous risk prevention measures in place and completing extensive risk assessments on any external suppliers, we are well equipped to help you keep your students safe during their Student Tours NZ, Student Tours Australia and overseas school trips. Our commitment to safety is paramount to ensuring fun and meaningful study tours for students.

Customised Study Tours for Students

As your leading school trip travel agency, we are proud to offer completely bespoke overseas school tours; Designed specifically for your subject and your destination. Our team will work closely with you during the booking process to create tailor-made international school trips that will develop your students’ skills and interests in their chosen subject.

Whether you are looking to organise educational school tours, exciting music tours, or challenging sports tours worldwide; We will create a customised itinerary based on your requirements and make sure your students get the absolute most out of their overseas school tours.


Turning Pages into Life Lessons

The post-covid era has changed the world faster than anything else in centuries. Education has been facing such a challenging time that would leave Plato’s hair standing on end. The gap between the skills kids learn at school and the skills they actually need in this evolving world, is massive. Experiential learning is a dynamic pathway to equip your child with invaluable skills for the ever-evolving future.

Digital Detox and Mobile Phone Policies

Overseas school trips offer students unique opportunities for cultural immersion, learning, and personal growth. While digital devices can enhance these experiences, there are compelling reasons to consider implementing a digital detox during these excursions. Let's delve into the well-being benefits of a digital detox for students on their overseas school trips.

Why is Canberra a Rite of Passage?

Student Horizons Canberra school trips offer an exceptional opportunity for students to explore Australia's rich history, culture, and educational institutions. With close to 180,000 students traveling to Canberra every year, this capital city has become a rite of passage for Australian students.

Unforgettable Fiji

Overseas school trips are a rite of passage for students in Australia and New Zealand, offering them unique opportunities for learning and personal growth. While such excursions are often designed to be fun and educational, taking students on an overseas school trip to a destination like Fiji can be especially transformative. In this blog post, we'll explore the numerous benefits of sending school students on an adventure to the beautiful islands of Fiji.