Parent support

Parents and supporters on tour

The team at Student Horizons has many years’ experience in organising suitable packages for groups of parents and supporters who wish to join the main tour party in the destination.

Launching your parents/supporters tour

We ask that you nominate one representative to be the main point of contact between the parents/supporters group and Student Horizons.

Your flights

Flights that are booked for the student group are based on a group airfare and specific tour dates. Parents/supporters can qualify for the group airfare but in most cases have to travel on all the same dates. Anyone wanting to travel on different tour dates would usually need to look at a separate airfare, and in such cases we prefer it if you make your own individual arrangements.

Your accommodation

As a general rule we always recommend parents/supporters stay in different accommodation to the main group. There are two main reasons for this, the first being that invariably parents/supporters have a higher budget with higher expectations – and the 2/3 star hotel, which is great value for the main group, would not be suitable for parents/supporters etc.

Secondly, pupils tend to gain more from being part of a tour group with all of their peers – as opposed to having any of their family around. Teachers and group leaders also often prefer that parents/supporters stay separately to the rest of the group. With this said we always work with you and the tour leaders to ensure everyone is happy.

Your travel documents

These are sent out approximately two weeks prior to departure. They will contain information about your itinerary, addresses and telephone numbers for hotels, coach companies and some excursions. There will also be excursion details, hotel brochures and general travel advice.

For any further information please don’t hesitate to contact Student Horizons.