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School sports tours offer a unique opportunity for your sporting team to compete worldwide with schools and clubs of the same caliber. With the goal to foster camaraderie and sportsmanship, school sports trips will be the highlight of your sporting team’s year. Sports travel tours can strengthen the bonds between team members as they will eat, live, sleep and experience new environments together, allowing students to develop a more personal connection between each other and their teachers. Sporting tours NZ and Australia or to overseas destinations aid in the development of cultural awareness as students experience sport at locations far from home. Students often return home after school sports tours with life-long friendships that were built on the field but continue into adulthood.

With countless destinations worldwide to choose from it can be a difficult choice to find the right sport tours. Offering first-class experiences for any sport, whether rugby, football, netball, hockey, basketball or cricket, Student Horizons can discuss and advise on suitable destinations for your school’s sporting needs. For almost a decade Student Horizons has aimed to provide more than just a sports tour – we provide experiences for life. We have the resource capabilities and experience necessary to ensure that your sports travel tours consistently meet the high standards expected. Working with your school to plan, organise and execute your sports tours, we will simplify the process for you whilst ensuring safety continues to be our number one priority.

If you’re wishing to take your group on a sports tour within Australia, more information can be found in Australia School Tours.

A basketball tour to the USA is an opportunity to strengthen your players’ skills as a team and as individuals, and with coaching clinics lead by experienced USA basketball professionals, they will truly be able to learn from the very best.
Cricket is a sport that is renowned with touring and Student Horizons is able to organise extraordinary sports tours to all of the key cricketing nations. If you're looking for school cricket tours, look no further. Whether it is travelling to the sunny, dust swept Sri Lankan pitches or venturing out to the vast open spaces of Australia or South Africa, school cricket tours can engage your players and enhance their skills remarkably.
Why not get together with the rugby coach, or the netball coach as St Mary’s Ipswich Queensland did with the choir director and create a tour for the choir and netball team? We were able to tailor that tour to suit the needs of both groups travelling. With the larger numbers though, the cost was significantly reduced.
Football is played virtually everywhere! This means that choosing where to travel on a football tour can be a very tough decision. Given Europe’s fervour for the sport, a football tour to this region is certainly one of the most engaging and inspiring options around. Book one of our school football tours today.
Whether you are planning to travel pre- or post-season, a hockey tour is the perfect way for players to grow camaraderie and test themselves against international opposition. If you are looking for school hockey tours, look no further.
Student Horizons provides first class touring experiences for any sport code, whether it be tennis, squash, athletics, cross country running, Ultimate frisbee, volleyball, touch rugby or any other sport for that matter.
Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom are all excellent territory for school netball tours. A netball tour to Australia or New Zealand is a convenient option that will enhance team bonding and help grow skills – while giving players the opportunity to engage in a little trans-Tasman rivalry.
When it comes to rugby league tours, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and The Pacific are the four most popular destinations. Travel to Australia or New Zealand on a rugby league tour and, given the prevalence of the sport, your players will benefit from the right level of coaching and fixtures to suit your team.
Rugby tours to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom are popular, as these regions share enthusiasm for the sport and offer an array of development opportunities. Rugby tours to the United States, Argentina, Chile and Canada are also very well regarded with standards of rugby increasing every year in these regions.
There are few tourism destinations in New Zealand that can boast the reputation that Queenstown has built for itself. People both in NZ and around the globe know of the town and its many exciting adventure activities. Try one of the Student Horizons' school snow trips, enquire now.
Student Horizons provides sports tours for schools, clubs and universities and we take pride in matching the ability of the touring team with the host team, ensuring close, competitive fixtures. For some touring parties, sports tournaments are an ideal way of complementing the individual fixtures we organise for you.

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Planning sports tours in Australia or overseas doesn’t need to be a daunting experience. Get in touch with us today to see how Student Horizon’s can simplify school sports trips for your school and how sports travel tours can add value to your sporting programme, creating lasting memories for your students.

Sport Tours

Sports travel tours can be tailor-made to your sporting programme and are available throughout Australia, New Zealand and to many overseas destinations. Take a tour of Madison Square garden, watch your favourite NBA team and play against schools of comparable caliber with a basketball tour to the USA. Hone your team’s skills against students who one day may be the next Zidane with a football tour to one of many great European destinations. Head to Canada, the United States, and South America for football tours in the Americas with a unique cultural twist. Tour the locations of the 2019 Rugby World Cup where the Brave Blossoms stunned the world with a Rugby Union tour to Japan. Test your teams’ cricket caliber against teams in Sri Lanka with cricket tours to Asia. Hockey tours in the Northern Hemisphere offer world-class facilities and the opportunity to test your students on an international level. Asia, the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, and the USA – no matter the destination, school sports tours can foster sportsmanship and help develop skills both in and out of the classroom. Through healthy competition against teams of comparable caliber and training away from home, your sports team can hone their skills and develop new techniques that they can bring back to use in their local fixtures. Student Horizons can work with your sporting program to develop school sports trips worldwide that will build upon your team’s strengths and create lasting memories for your students.

School Sports Tours Europe

Europe continues to hold its title as the stomping ground for many of the world’s top athletes. Cristiano Ronaldo, Maro Itoj, Ellen Hoog, and Kevin Pietersen to name a few have trained and competed on the world stage in their respective sports. Europe continues to be a premier choice for football tours and school sports tours. The United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, and Spain are fantastic destinations to develop your teams’ skills and play football against some of the best while being immersed in the cultures of countries different to their own. Other popular sport tours to Europe include our Five Capitals Rugby Tour which takes students to the iconic cities of Dublin, Belfast, Edinburg, London, and Paris, Netball tours to the UK and Hockey tours to the UK and the Netherlands. Sports travel tours to Europe can be combined with training camps, cultural activities, tournaments, and a homestay program to make the most of the tour for your students. Students will return home not only with the many memories they created but with a global mindset gained from playing on an international stage.

Sporting Tours NZ and Australia

Sport in Australia and New Zealand is part of our national heritage, millions tune in to watch Australians and Kiwis compete on an international level. From rugby, cricket, football, and swimming, Aussies and Kiwis love sport. When asking graduates what their best memory of school was, many will often relive memories of competing as part of their sporting team or going on a overseas sports tour in Australia or New Zealand.

Sporting Tours Australia

Home of the Wallabys, the Soccoroos, and training ground for Olympic medalist swimmers. There’s no question that sport in Australia continues to be world-class. Sport is ingrained in Australians from an early age, with over two million people playing soccer and over three million swimming across Australian shores. Whether rugby, netball, cricket or swimming, sports tours Australia wide offer the opportunity to train and play against teams in some of Australia’s most beloved sports. Tailor your Australian sport tours with by touring some of Australia’s most famous stadiums. Visit the stadiums that play host to the State of Origin and see where the infamous Blues vs. Maroons rivalries first started. Tour the MCG in Melbourne and stand on the pitch where one of Australia’s most beloved cricketers, Shane Warne battled the sun and took his 700th test wicket against England’s Andrew Strauss watched by a crowd of 90,000 strong. There are school sports tours suitable for all sporting curriculums Australia wide.

Sporting Tours NZ

New Zealand is an ideal destination for school sports trips with rugby union and league, basketball, cricket, netball, and soccer being played throughout New Zealand. The caliber of New Zealand’s sporting programme is second to none and sporting tours NZ wide provide a unique opportunity to train and play against some of the up and coming in the industry. That friendly match while on tour may turn out to be against a future member of the All Blacks. Rugby is part of New Zealand’s national heritage with many saying it is in their Kiwi blood. For rugby teams looking for tough competition, there is no better destination than New Zealand. While rugby remains one of New Zealand’s most popular sports, the country also has world-class snow. Sport tours in winter can take advantage of the abundance of snow during peak-season and test their skiing, or snowboarding skills on two of New Zealand’s most famous mountains – The Remarkables and Coronet Peak. For schools looking for a combined sports-education tour, cross-curriculum tours can also benefit from New Zealand’s continued commitment to their sporting and arts programs.

Sports Travel Tours – Tournaments

Test your team’s sporting skill against teams of comparable caliber with tournament sports travel tours. Working locally to support and sponsor secondary school tournaments in Australia and New Zealand and through our partners across the globe, Student Horizons can advise on suitable tournaments for your sporting team. Having your team finish off overseas school sports tours with a tournament, is the perfect culmination of the hard work and experience gained throughout the tour. As they adapt and test out the new strategies and skills gained, their competitive spirit will be in full force as they represent their school on the national or international stage.

Planning sports tours overseas doesn’t need to be a daunting experience. Get in touch with us today to see how Student Horizons can simplify school sports trips for your school and how sports travel tours can add value to your sporting programme, creating lasting memories for your students.

Travel Bursaries for Students

Overseas travel helps to give us all who travel a broader perspective of the world in which we live and our place within it. The Foundation of Student Horizons aspires to make a difference through providing as many opportunities for all young people to experience the world and connect with others who are both different and the same. If any of your students require financial assistance for your next overseas school tour, The Foundation of Student Horizons may be able to help.