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Whether rugby, netball, football, cricket, hockey or basketball, sports tours Australia wide offer the opportunity to train and play against teams in some of Australia’s most beloved sports. Student Horizons can discuss and advise on suitable destinations for your school’s sporting needs. Explore some of our most popular destinations of our school sports tours in Australia; Queensland, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Perth. We have the resource capabilities and experience necessary to ensure that your sports travel tours in Australia consistently meet the high standards expected.

Tour some of Australia’s most famous stadiums, visit the stadiums that play host to the State of Origin and see where the infamous Blues vs. Maroons rivalries first started. Tour the MCG in Melbourne and stand on the pitch where one of Australia’s most beloved cricketers, Shane Warne battled the sun and took his 700th test wicket against England’s Andrew Strauss watched by a crowd of 90,000 strong. There are school sports tours suitable for all sporting curriculums Australia wide.

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With a proud rugby history, Queensland is the perfect destination for your next school rugby tour. With a number of prestigious school rugby competitions, we can guarantee competitive fixtures regardless of your standard. You’ll also have the chance to take part in professional coaching clinics with the Queensland Reds and enjoy the many attractions that South East Queensland has to offer.
Queensland is a netball mad state with high participation rates that make it the ideal destination for your netball tour. Bring your team to the Sunshine State to experience the most competitive fixtures and training sessions with professional netballers. Off the court, take the chance to explore the glorious beaches and world-renowned theme parks that Queensland has to offer.
With a strong touring and hosting culture, the Queensland Schools’ soccer community will surpass your team’s expectations. Coupled with a range of iconic attractions, why not make sunny Queensland your next football tour destination.
Look no further than Queensland for your next cricket tour. Queensland’s sunny climate provides ideal playing conditions and the fast and hard pitches offer something for batters and bowlers alike. Get the chance to train in Australia’s premier cricketing facility, the Bupa National Cricket Centre, and test your team against quality opposition in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.
Basketball’s huge popularity in Queensland makes the Sunshine State the perfect place to tip off your season. With a wide range of school connections and links with professional franchises, Student Horizons will provide your Queensland school basketball tour with the ultimate experience and a chance to visit some of Queensland’s signature attractions.
Thinking of taking more than one sport on tour? Depending on your choice of codes, Student Horizons expertise can organise the perfect Multi-Sports tour for your students.
The ideal place for a Rugby Tour, with fierce competition and a deep talent pool. A Sydney school Rugby Tour will have you firing on all cylinder heading into your new season. Off the field, enjoy everything the northern beaches has to offer plus many more exciting things to do!
Home to the NSW Swifts, Sydney is a Netball mad city. From the beautiful Northern Beaches to the impressive Blue Mountains there is plenty to do on and off the court. With high participation levels and a passionate Netball community, Sydney is a great option for your next Netball tour.
With several A-League sides based in the state, NSW is bursting with young talented footballers. Fierce competition, interstate rivalries and iconic landmarks make Sydney the perfect destination to kick off your football season. Whatever your playing level, a Sydney soccer tour will have your team rearing to go for the season.
Steeped in tradition, Sydney has a long and proud Cricketing history. Whether you’re a development team or 1st XI preparing for the upcoming season, we can organise competitive fixtures to meet your needs. Coupled with Sydney’s signature attractions, you won’t be disappointed.
Hosting some of the country’s top basketball talent and facilities, Sydney is the ultimate destination for your team. A basketball tour of Sydney combines games against quality opposition, tailored training sessions and Sydney’s signature attractions to deliver an outstanding experience for your students.
Having produced many of Australia’s best Hockey players, Sydney is a hotbed of young Hockey talent. Competitive fixtures, world-class coaching sessions and Sydney’s iconic landmarks will make a hockey tour of Sydney an unforgettable experience for your team.
Thinking of taking more than 1 sport on tour? Depending on your choice of codes, Student Horizons expertise can organise the perfect Multi Sports tour for your students.
There is no question that Melbourne is the hub of all things AFL, which makes it an obvious choice for your footy tour. With the raft of competitive school oppositions and numerous AFL sides that call Melbourne home, the opportunities for footy development are endless. Don’t miss the chance to walk the hallowed grounds of the MCG and experience the history of Aussie Rules in Melbourne.
Competitive fixtures and superb playing facilities make Melbourne and exciting location for a school netball tour. Experience the lively atmosphere that Melbourne entails and use Student Horizons’ range of connections to cater to all your netball touring needs.
With the addition of Western United, Melbourne’s 3 professional franchises present a wealth of opportunity for aspiring footballers. Train on world class facilities and raise your game heading into school soccer season.
Experience Melbourne’s unique culture and unrivalled sporting history on your next cricket tour. The magnificent MCG is the crown jewel of the Melbourne sporting precinct and provides an unmissable tour for all cricket sides. Develop your team’s abilities by taking advantage of the incredible facilities and competitive fixtures that Melbourne cricket has to offer.
Follow in the footsteps of Australian superstar Ben Simmons with a basketball tour to Melbourne. With a world-class sporting precinct, a vibrant culture, and a deep pool of basketball talent, Melbourne is poised as the ideal destination for your next basketball tour.
As home to Hockey Australia, Melbourne school hockey tours are the ultimate for hockey development. Regardless of ability, a hockey tour of Melbourne will have your team in top shape for the season with a range of coaching clinics and competitive fixtures. Off the field, experience all that Australia’s cultural capital has to offer and explore the incredible sporting facilities that the city boasts.
Thinking of taking more than one sport on tour? Depending on your choice of codes, Student Horizons expertise can organise the perfect Melbourne multi-sport tour for your students.
As home to the ACT Brumbies, Australia’s most successful Super Rugby franchise, Canberra is an excellent destination for a rugby tour. Take the opportunity to build team culture, train at world class facilities and experience everything that Canberra has to offer on an epic rugby tour of ACT.
An ACT netball tour will have your team best prepared for the upcoming season. Along with matches against quality netball sides, your students can have the chance to experience what life is like as a professional athlete, with access to training and recovery facilities at the Australian Institute of Sport. When you’re not on the court, explore the rich culture and history of Canberra or even spend a day in the snow!
Canberra has everything you could ask for in a football tour. Challenge your side against quality opponents and allow the students to develop their skills. Your team will have access to world class facilities at the Australian Institute of Sport, including a FIFA quality synthetic field. Off the football pitch, take the chance to visit Canberra’s historic sites or take a day trip up to the snow.
Cricket is Australia’s most popular national sport and Canberra is no exception. A cricket tour of Canberra will develop your team’s abilities by exposing them to the unique playing conditions that ACT provides. Additionally, your students will have the opportunity to access the impressive AIS facilities and a chance to explore the nation’s capital.
A basketball tour to Canberra is just what your team needs to prepare for the season. Get the opportunity to play quality fixtures and train at world class facilities, along with visits to important national sites. Depending when you travel, you might even be able to spend a day on the ski slopes!
Canberra is a great destination for an unforgettable hockey tour. In Canberra, your squad has the exciting opportunity to focus on fitness and team building at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), a state-of-the-art facility in Canberra used by professional athletes from around the world!
Thinking of taking more than one sport on tour? Depending on your choice of codes, Student Horizons expertise can organise the perfect Multi-Sports tour for your students.
Beautiful beaches, glorious summer days, with fast and hard cricket pitches, Perth is your next Cricket Tour destination. A pre-season school cricket tour to Perth, will have your teams best prepared with competitive fixtures across many schools in WA.
Perth is a city that lives and breathes netball. A netball tour to WA will have your team best prepared to hit the court through a range of challenging fixtures suitable to your side’s ability. A cross country netball tour is a fantastic opportunity to build team comradery for the upcoming season while soaking up the sun and enjoying Perth’s wide range of attractions.
Whether you call it football or soccer, Perth has everything you are looking for in a football tour. Glorious weather, quality opposition and a strong professional side make Perth a football player’s dream place to tour. Let Student Horizons put together a Perth football tour that will have your team rearing to go for the upcoming season.
Test your team against some of the nation’s top young talent on a basketball tour of Perth. The city boasts Australia’s most prolific basketball side, the Perth Wildcats, along with some of the country’s most unmissable attractions which make it the ideal place to tour. A Perth basketball tour will be an incredible experience for your team both on and off the court.
Perth is an excellent destination for your team’s next hockey tour. Whether you’re gunning for the state title or just looking to develop your skills and team culture, Student Horizons can provide your team with competitive fixtures and coaching sessions to match your side’s ability. In your down time, you’ll have the chance to explore everything that stunning Perth has to offer!
Thinking of taking more than one sport on tour? Depending on your choice of codes, Student Horizons expertise can organise the perfect Multi-Sports tour for your students.

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