School Tour Fundraising

Fundraising Better Practice

At Student Horizons we know how hard fundraising can be and that is why we have invested in our new and exclusive Fundraising Blueprint. Written in partnership with Compton Fundraising, the Blueprint is crammed full of professional information about how to approach and plan your school tour fundraising, advice on fundraising tools and tips on how to make your fundraising a success. Whether you are new to fundraising or have plenty of experience in raising money for tours, our unique Fundraising Blueprint offers some great ideas for everyone.

When faced with an unprecedented fundraising target, some people cannot see past the size of the challenge. If thinking in terms of how many bags of sweets need to be sold to fundraise a school tour it is no wonder many people are put off! Successful fundraising is more than just raffles, cake stalls and chocolate sales.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about our Fundraising Blueprint for your school tour fundraising.

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Travel Bursaries for Students

Overseas travel helps to give us all who travel a broader perspective of the world in which we live and our place within it. The Foundation of Student Horizons aspires to make a difference through providing as many opportunities for all young people to experience the world and connect with others who are both different and the same. If any of your students require financial assistance for your next overseas school tour, The Foundation of Student Horizons may be able to help.