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Our tailor made STEM tours itineraries are linked to the Australian and New Zealand, Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics curriculum. Participating in a Student Horizons STEM tour gives your students exciting opportunities to explore a broad range of STEM ideas and research...
Take your students on a journey discovering fossils, geology, astronomy, social history, early exploration, agriculture and unique, beautiful landscapes!
Experience the magic of our reef and rainforests, taking your students on a school trip to the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest in Far North Queensland! A school tour to Cairns will not disappoint with local attractions such as Port Douglas, Kuranda, Mossman Gorge, and the two World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest.
With over 19 professional sporting franchises what better place to take your students than the sporting capital of Australia. With a centralised sporting precinct, within walking distance of the city’s main attraction, your students will not be disappointed!
A world renowned youth music festival, fostering a culture of musical excellence and international connectedness, raising the aspirations of all students who take part.
Your team or squad can benefit hugely from touring interstate, from building stronger friendships within the team, to facing new challenges and unfamiliar opposition. Let our experience and range of Queensland connections help you plan an incredible Qld sporting tour for your team!
Regardless of where you find yourself across Australia, Student Horizons can provide world class clinicians, interactive public performances and tailored workshops suited to your choir.
Canberra is an energetic city with a huge number of attractions, offering a diverse range of exciting school excursion education programs. Our specific School Canberra Tour is suitable for school grades 5-9, though can be adapted for older year levels. The Civics & Citizenship school Canberra trip itinerary supports...
Sport is deeply engrained in Kiwi culture, which makes NZ an excellent destination to tour regardless of what sport you play. New Zealand is renowned for punching above their weight in various sports and whatever...
Do you want to introduce your students to the top academic institutions in Australia and raise their post-graduate aspirations? Visit some of the most acclaimed universities that are 'top choice' for some of Australia's most noteworthy employers. While in Sydney and Melbourne...
To learn about the world, it is imperative to know about the country you live in. To understand about your country’s history, culture and natural heritage sites – and to why your country has developed into what it is today. By connecting interstate and visiting cities and regions of your country, you can form a deeper understanding and be more proud of the nation you live in.
The most visited city in Australia has this accolade for a reason... From it’s golden beaches, breathtaking harbour, world famous landmarks, to it’s educational museums, art galleries, exciting activities and high profile sports teams. The busiest and largest city in Australia provides...
Australia is home to a budding and constantly evolving music scene. School music tours in Australia offer your students the opportunity to perform at some of Australia’s most iconic venues while gaining real-world experience performing away from home...
Provide opportunities for your students to discover what's behind textbook theory by taking them out of the classroom and across the globe to experience the enticing complexity of the real world of business.
If you are aspiring to spark your students’ vision for the future, encourage them to discover the real-life applications of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through an overseas STEM Tour.
A media studies tour to the USA provides unparalleled opportunity for your students to experience the world of filmmaking, sound design, and screenwriting in the epicentre of the film industry.
Whether you are interested in offering your students opportunities to view and discuss major works of contemporary art in situ, or provide the space for making art in an exciting new environment, a visual arts tour will be a source of new inspiration for your students.
The largest concentration of masterpieces is found in collections in America and Europe, so art history tours to New York and Chicago, or Paris, Italy and London present the perfect opportunity to promote a deeper analysis of pivotal works of art.
If you’re planning a tour for your Performing Arts students, the US and London provide the perfect backdrop for your overseas development tour. Explore Shakespearean theatre in London and Stratford-upon-Avon, and catch a play or musical on London’s West End.
Travelling to the UK on an English tour is the ultimate immersion experience for students and teachers interested in Shakespeare and English literature. Opportunities abound for literary walking tours, and Stratford-upon-Avon brings Shakespeare’s hometown to life with live costumed performances and workshops at his birthplace. 
A worldwide emphasis on preserving sites of historical significance in the 20th century has created a rich arena for exploring major events from the modern era. As a history teacher, you will reinforce classroom learnings and draw meaningful links to the national curriculum with one of our history school tours to Europe, the US, or Asia.
Spark students’ creativity while encouraging a critical appreciation and contextual understanding of international design in premium destinations for architecture and digital technologies such as NYC, Dubai, Singapore and the UK.
Invite your students to evaluate their perceptions of other cultural and geographical environments in the real-life context at one of our geography school trips. An overseas geography tour promotes a legitimate understanding of different cultures and environments, teaches students to embrace new perspectives and practice field work while exploring the challenging geographical issues changing our world.
Do you want to introduce your students to the top academic institutions in the world and raise their post-graduate aspirations? Visit some of the most prestigious universities in the United States and the United Kingdom, such as Princeton, Columbia, MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, and Cambridge.
Our choral tours equip schools to take multiple or single choirs to competitions or festivals around the world. We can cater to both secular and sacred choral works, and are well placed with schools and renowned international venues throughout many destinations, in order to arrange the best performances, workshops and exchanges suited to your particular needs.
Whether you’re planning to tour with your small string ensemble or your massive symphony orchestra, we understand the special difficulties of transporting violins, violas inside aircraft, especially on long haul trips.
We understand the compilation of jazz bands and the special consideration which is needed. The mix of electronic and acoustic instruments and the added difficulty of transporting or sourcing keyboards, guitars, amplifiers and drum kits.
We understand that the concert band forms the core of a school’s band program. We know that these large bands are often multi-aged and need to use the full range of woodwind and brass instruments. Our experience with transporting such instruments is second to none.
Student Horizons understands that sometimes schools wish to take ensembles such as choirs, concert bands and string orchestras together to an international festival, or even to experience music making in another part of the world.
Why not get together with the rugby coach, or the netball coach as St Mary’s Ipswich Queensland did with the choir director and create a tour for the choir and netball team? We were able to tailor that tour to suit the needs of both groups travelling. With the larger numbers though, the cost was significantly reduced.
Rugby tours to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom are popular, as these regions share enthusiasm for the sport and offer an array of development opportunities. Rugby tours to the United States, Argentina, Chile and Canada are also very well regarded with standards of rugby increasing every year in these regions.
When it comes to rugby league tours, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and The Pacific are the four most popular destinations. Travel to Australia or New Zealand on a rugby league tour and, given the prevalence of the sport, your players will benefit from the right level of coaching and fixtures to suit your team.
Football is played virtually everywhere! This means that choosing where to travel on a football tour can be a very tough decision. Given Europe’s fervour for the sport, a football tour to this region is certainly one of the most engaging and inspiring options around. Book one of our school football tours today.
Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom are all excellent territory for school netball tours. A netball tour to Australia or New Zealand is a convenient option that will enhance team bonding and help grow skills – while giving players the opportunity to engage in a little trans-Tasman rivalry.
A basketball tour to the USA is an opportunity to strengthen your players’ skills as a team and as individuals, and with coaching clinics lead by experienced USA basketball professionals, they will truly be able to learn from the very best.
Whether you are planning to travel pre- or post-season, a hockey tour is the perfect way for players to grow camaraderie and test themselves against international opposition. If you are looking for school hockey tours, look no further.
Cricket is a sport that is renowned with touring and Student Horizons is able to organise extraordinary sports tours to all of the key cricketing nations. If you're looking for school cricket tours, look no further. Whether it is travelling to the sunny, dust swept Sri Lankan pitches or venturing out to the vast open spaces of Australia or South Africa, school cricket tours can engage your players and enhance their skills remarkably.
There are few tourism destinations in New Zealand that can boast the reputation that Queenstown has built for itself. People both in NZ and around the globe know of the town and its many exciting adventure activities. Try one of the Student Horizons' school snow trips, enquire now.
Student Horizons provides sports tours for schools, clubs and universities and we take pride in matching the ability of the touring team with the host team, ensuring close, competitive fixtures. For some touring parties, sports tournaments are an ideal way of complementing the individual fixtures we organise for you.
Student Horizons provides first class touring experiences for any sport code, whether it be tennis, squash, athletics, cross country running, Ultimate frisbee, volleyball, touch rugby or any other sport for that matter.
Whether rugby, netball, football, cricket, hockey or basketball, sports tours Australia wide offer the opportunity to train and play against teams in some of Australia’s most beloved sports. Student Horizons can discuss and advise on suitable destinations for your school’s sporting needs. We have the resource capabilities and experience necessary to ensure that your sports travel tours in Australia consistently meet the high standards expected.
Among its gorgeous beaches and long sunny days, Perth is packed with a range of sporting talent. Whatever your sport of choice may be, a sports tour of Perth will have your side rearing to go for the season. Your students may even get a chance to snap a selfie with a quokka!
A school sports trip to Canberra will not disappoint. Alongside matched ability fixtures and training sessions, the group will have the opportunity to go behind the scenes at Australia’s premier elite sports precinct, the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).
The is so much to experience across New Zealand. No matter what subject you teach, Student Horizons can arrange a New Zealand educational tour to suit your needs. Looking for a geography or geology tour? New Zealand’s vast array of landscapes and natural wonders have got you covered...
From jazz band or concert band tours to school choral tours, Student Horizons understands how to ensure you will get the most out of your New Zealand music tour. With a balance of workshops, performances and sightseeing activities, a music tour to New Zealand is sure to be an unforgettable experience!
New Zealand is world renowned for incredible skiing and beautiful mountain ranges. Queenstown is the perfect base to access Cardrona, The Remarkables, Treble Cone and Coronet Peak ski fields. Get in touch with Student Horizons to put together a NZ snow tour including equipment hire, ski/snowboarding lessons and plenty of other fun activities...
New Zealand Cross-Curricular Tours
Student Horizons provides sports tours for schools, clubs and universities and we take pride in matching the ability of the touring team with the host team, ensuring close, competitive fixtures. For some touring parties, sports tournaments are an ideal way of complementing the individual fixtures we organise for you.
If you’re planning a tour for your Performing Arts students, Australia will not disappoint and many of the states provide unique experiences. Your students will experience the thrill of performing on public stages as well as collaborating with local schools though meaningful performing arts exchanges.

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Overseas travel helps to give us all who travel a broader perspective of the world in which we live and our place within it. The Foundation of Student Horizons aspires to make a difference through providing as many opportunities for all young people to experience the world and connect with others who are both different and the same. If you need financial assistance for your next overseas school tour, The Foundation of Student Horizons may be able to help.