Australian School Educational Tours

To learn about the world, it is imperative to know about the country you live in. To understand about your country’s history, culture and natural heritage sites – and to why your country has developed into what it is today. By connecting interstate and visiting cities and regions of your country, you can form a deeper understanding and be more proud of the nation you live in.

Australia has a huge amount of educational and cultural experiences, from deepening your knowledge of indigenous culture in Central and Northern Australia, visiting greatest wonders of the natural world on the brink of extinction, our World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef to forming a deep understanding of our countries democracy and political system, history and heritage, art, science, the environment and culture all at our Nations Capital, Canberra.

Some of the more popular tours include trips to Australia’s beautiful Far North Queensland on a Reef and Rainforest Tour, Outback Queensland ToursSydney & Canberra STEM Tours, Sydney & Melbourne University Tours and for Primary aged students, the Canberra School Trip

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Experience the magic of our reef and rainforests, taking your students on a school trip to the Far North Queensland! A school tour to the Cairns region will not disappoint with local attractions such as Port Douglas, Kuranda, Mossman Gorge, and the two World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest.
Your Outback Queensland tour will be a highlight of your students’ year! Take your students on a journey discovering fossils, geology, astronomy, social history, early exploration, agriculture and unique, beautiful landscapes!
Our tailor made STEM tours itineraries are linked to the Australian and New Zealand, Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics curriculum. Participating in a Student Horizons STEM tour gives your students exciting opportunities to explore a broad range of STEM ideas and research, including workshops, industry related guided tours, seminars, simulations and hands on experiments.
If you’re planning a tour for your Performing Arts students, Australia will not disappoint and many of the states provide unique experiences. Your students will experience the thrill of performing on public stages as well as collaborating with local schools though meaningful performing arts exchanges. International connectedness and developing cultural empathy are common threads across all of our tours. In this regard, we strongly recommend the experience of participating in an indigenous traditional dance and story telling workshop.

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