What we stand for

At Student Horizons, our aim is to provide more than a overseas school tour; it is to provide experiences for life. We strongly believe that travel at a young age can have a positive and lasting effect on a young person’s development and personal growth. Our tours will broaden their experience away from home and outside their comfort zone. We aim to not only raise the aspirations and encourage the passions of your students, but provide a life-shaping experience that will leave them with a deeper knowledge of the world and of themselves.

Experiences for life


Commitment To Safety

The safety of every person travelling with us is of the utmost importance, and is forefront in everything we do. We have multiple systems in place, both on tour and prior to departure, to ensure that every individual in a group is equipped with the tools and procedures necessary to deal with a situation, should anything unexpected occur.

We understand that sending your child on an overseas school can be daunting, and we want you to be able to see them off on their tour with confidence that every step has been taken to ensure their safety while they are away. Our risk assessment and incident management procedures have been developed and honed over our many years’ experience travelling, both as individuals and with our tour groups. With our trained staff and 24 hours a day assistance, you can rest assured knowing you are in the safest hands with Student Horizons.

If you would like to know more details about our safety procedures and policies, please contact your tour development specialist.

Commitment to safety


Experiential Learning

We believe in the benefits of learning by doing, and a fundamental part of what we do is encouraging a combination of both curriculum and experiential learning, in order to build a stronger pillar of education. Adding to that a wider experience of different cultures gives students a head start to becoming well-rounded, socially conscious, and highly skilled individuals.

Whether it be on an educational, sports, or music tour, putting their chosen area of study into a real-world context will give your students a valuable insight into how that pursuit translates to a world outside school. Our overseas school tours always include experiences designed to get students involved and doing things for themselves, including hands-on workshops, training sessions, school exchanges and/or competitive fixtures.

Experiences for life


Opportunities For All

It is very important to us that students from all backgrounds have equal opportunities to travel overseas, and we can provide the perfect tools to help you reach your fundraising goal. Our expertly written fundraising blueprint is offered to all groups travelling with us, and is a fantastic step-by-step guide to running a successful fundraising campaign. We also have unique fundraising partnerships with popular brands, who will offer exclusive opportunities to groups travelling through Student Horizons.

The Foundation of Student Horizons is a fantastic option for students needing extra help to take advantage of travel opportunities. A donation-based scholarship program, the Foundation provides financial assistance to disadvantaged youths or groups, so they too can benefit from travel and experiential learning. To nominate a potential candidate, apply to be considered for assistance, or to find out more, visit foundationsh.org.