Australia Performing Arts Tours

If you’re planning a tour for your Performing Arts students, Australia will not disappoint and many of the states provide unique experiences. Your students will experience the thrill of performing on public stages as well as collaborating with local schools though meaningful performing arts exchanges. International connectedness and developing cultural empathy are common threads across all of our tours. In this regard, we strongly recommend the experience of participating in an indigenous traditional dance and story telling workshop.

Workshops are a key part of our performing arts tours in Australia. Whether it be stage acting, film acting, singing workshops, music or dance masterclasses we will work with you to ascertain your learning and development aspirations for your students. Exposure to industry professionals helps students to picture where they may forge a career out of their passion once they leave school.

Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory, New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria can all offer something different for your students. Please enquire and we look forward to talking through a myriad of options with you.

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