Frequently asked questions

Student Horizons is the Australian and New Zealand specialist in the organisation of unforgettably inspiring international student learning experiences. Dedicated to providing education focused or sports specific group travel for 10 to 19 year olds, we use our extensive educational travel expertise and sound network of international contacts to ensure seamlessly coordinated and supremely safe group travel time and time again.


What are Student Horizons’ most popular touring destinations?

USA, UK, Europe, Asia, South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand


What type of educational school tours do Student Horizons organise?

Whatever the subject, (Art, Design and Technology, Geography, History, Language, Music and Choir and more) with a Student Horizons educational tour you can be sure that learning outcomes will be met and students will be engaged and inspired like never before. Working with our extremely knowledgeable international ground staff we will tailor-make you a tour that will open students’ eyes to global diversity, inspire them to consider their own career path and provide invaluable experiences all-round, all while raising the profile of your department.


What importance does Student Horizons put on safety?

Safety is our number one priority. Student Horizons has risk assessment procedures in place with all suppliers we work with. All of the services provided by our international ground handlers have undergone extensive risk assessment evaluations and these services are consistently monitored. For every trip,

Student Horizons ensures:

  1. All travel related risks are assessed
  2. All involved parties are informed of the risks and associated preventative measures in place
  3. There are competent individuals carrying out the planning, organising, controlling, monitoring and reviewing of preventative and protective measures
  4. All health and safety obligations are met.

Our comprehensive safety management system coupled with our incident management plan ensure we are in the best position to mitigate risk and react to incidents when they occur.


Is Student Horizons a New Zealand owned and operated company?

Absolutely. Student Horizons is a New Zealand owned and operated business with extensive local and international knowledge and unrivaled global contacts.

Is Student Horizons an Australian owned and operated company?

Absolutely. Student Horizons is also an Australian owned and operated business with extensive local and international knowledge and unrivalled global contacts.


What does Student Horizons stand for?

Student Horizons is guided by a single-minded vision to enrich the lives of young people.

Through travel, Student Horizons provide experiences to students of a range of disciplines that are equally as life-changing as they are life-shaping. Whether it’s through sports, education or music, Student Horizons provide innovative, tailored activities to help each student explore their potential, discover who they are and propel themselves into a successful, meaningful future.


Do Tour Organisers have to pay to accompany their group?

No. if your group consists of at least 10 students, the group tour organiser is offered a free place. Thereafter, we offer 1 complimentary place to teachers or other tour organisers for every 10 more pupils in your group.


What parts of the overseas tour do Student Horizons organise?

As an experienced operator we understand how busy you are. We endeavour to simplify the process for you saving you time and hassle. In the majority of cases Student Horizons will help to simplify the organisation of your trip by organising almost everything, including international and domestic flights, land travel in your destination, accommodation, meals, billeting, educational excursions, sports fixtures, coaching clinics, concert performances, assistance with planning resources and risk assessment, tour guides, tour reps (if requested), insurance, and more.


How will you help us with promoting our tour?

Once you are happy with your proposed itinerary and quote for your tour from Student Horizons and you have secured the support of your school governors, local authorities or club committee, we suggest you invite students, parents and staff to an information evening. Student Horizons will be happy to come along and provide an information evening. You will then have the opportunity to discuss the itinerary, cost, fundraising ideas and exactly what is expected from all involved.


What experience does Student Horizons have in the field of educational travel?

Student Horizons is led by Jamie Wansey. He has extensive experience in international student group travel. Over the last eleven years Jamie has proudly organised over 290 successful sports and educational tours and helped inspire over 8000 individuals in all sorts of international destinations. He has cultivated an unrivalled global network of educational travel providers that are reliable and experienced with a staunch commitment to safety.