10 travel tips to get the most out of your travel experience

The team at Student Horizons have put together a list of their best travel tips which we believe will lead to you having the best possible experience whilst away.

Be Flexible

Jared and Blair both agree that flexibility is key when travelling; especially in a group. If you can allow yourself to be flexible in situations where plans may change, it will be easier to follow them and get the most out of your trip.

Do your research

Ben says that research beforehand is key: “Take time to research good apps: Maps.me, Hostelworld, Airbnb, Currency Converters, Journey Planners etc. This means you aren’t forced to carry around as much cash, and booking online through them allows more flexibility.” By doing this, less time of the trip will be spent worrying about the logistics of things and you can spend that time appreciating your surroundings instead!

Be prepared

Similarly, Suzy believes that preparation is really important before you leave for a trip: “the nature of travel is that things don’t always go 100% to plan!” You should expect the unexpected, if something doesn’t necessarily go to plan you can work your way around it and continue enjoying yourself!

Pack smart

Catherine says that you should never pack things in plastic bags! Just because it seems like a good idea now doesn’t mean that it will when you need your socks out of a plastic bag in your suitcase at 1 o’clock in the morning whilst sharing a room with others who are trying to sleep. She also recommends being selective when booking accommodation: “always go for the free cancellation option when booking hotels/hostels as plans can change!”

Get out of your comfort zone

Jeannine has some advice on packing too, suggesting you should “always have a spare change of clothes in your carry on so if your bags don’t turn up at least you have something (hopefully this is never needed!). Also, try different things when you’re travelling that you normally wouldn’t, get out of your comfort zone because you never know if you’ll get the opportunity again!” It would be a shame to look back on your trip and wish you had done more. Seize the day!

Take a camera

Steph reminds us to never forget a camera! You never know when the perfect #PhotoOp will arise so you should always be prepared.

Take a spare camera battery

Similarly, Eileen says to take a spare camera battery or power bank portable charger with you wherever you go so that you always have enough charge to take as many pictures as you can!

Talk to people

Alice believes that you should always make an effort to talk to locals! They usually like people who take an interest in their culture. They might also tell you an amazing place to grab a bite to eat or find an unforgettable view that other tourists don’t know about.

Don’t worry too much

Kaitlin recommends to not sweat the small stuff: “don’t stress when things seem like they’re going to pieces- try to remember that the best travel stories are always born out of the most challenging scenarios!”

Most importantly: Be Safe!

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Blog: 10 travel tips to get the most out of your travel experience

October 6, 2017