21 schools confirm their postponement

21 schools confirm their postponement commitment with Student Horizons – Confidence is gaining momentum

I am very grateful to those schools and families who continue to believe in what we do and have opted to postpone rather than cancel their 2020 school trips. Postponement keeps the dreams alive for groups of students who were looking forward to travelling in 2020. Postponement, rather than cancellation, also provides Student Horizons with a future and is critical to Student Horizons’ survival.

Student Horizons now have a total of 21 school groups who have confirmed their commitment to postpone their tour to the end of 2021 or to the beginning of 2022 and we are sincerely thankful for their continued support. With so much uncertainty and ambiguity in the world right now one might conclude the unfolding economic crisis is a crisis in confidence. Together in our communities we can make brave commitments to the future and these commitments combined will help to bolster much needed confidence across local and national economies over the coming weeks and months. Growing confidence is now key for recovery.

Schools, parents and companies like Student Horizons, in partnership help to facilitate cultural competence in the next generation, through safe and meaningful overseas experiences. Travel can change the world for the better. We must not let this current crisis dampen our appetite to see the world into the future. A more peaceful global society is dependent on international connectedness. Through travel we gain a different perspective, we broaden our minds and our horizons and importantly we gain an understanding of others and otherness. Travel is a critical pillar in a young persons’ development and at SH we are confident in making a difference to the lives of young people for many more years into the future.

Thank you for your support. Together we will continue to make a positive impact in the world.

Jamie Wansey

May 14, 2020