Australian Boarding Schools Association (ABSA) Partnership



Student Horizons and the Australian Boarding Schools Association (ABSA) Cement Six-year Partnership, Prioritising Safety and Enriching Educational Travel Experiences


Student Horizons, a leading provider of educational travel experiences for schools is delighted to announce an exclusive six-year partnership with the Australian Boarding Schools Association (ABSA). This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the shared history between Student Horizons and ABSA, dating back to their inaugural journey together in 2015.

In 2015, both Student Horizons and ABSA were in their early stages of growth in Australia, embarking on an exciting journey that has since transformed into a remarkable success story. Student Horizons support of ABSA during that time played a pivotal role in supporting their launch into Queensland and Australia as they expanded from New Zealand.

Reflecting on this shared history, Jamie Wansey, Managing Director of Student Horizons, stated, “Our collaboration with ABSA in 2015 was a significant chapter in our journey. The support we provided back then was not just financial; it was an investment in the growth of both organisations. We are proud that our contribution played a small part in ABSA’s exciting journey as they rolled out the Australian Boarding Standard from 2015 onwards.”

The commitment between Student Horizons and ABSA included active participation in conferences in Perth, Alice Springs, and the Gold Coast. These events not only showcased dedication but also allowed the formation of lasting connections, some of which endure as friendships today.

In navigating the post-COVID landscape, Student Horizons has demonstrated resilience, resulting in a positive trajectory. Former clients are returning, forging new relationships, and the focus has expanded to include a diverse range of trips, covering Year 6 Cohort Canberra excursions, short-haul sports tours, music tours, and educational trips, alongside long-haul journeys for sports, music, and education.
Expressing pride in the organisation’s values and purpose-driven approach, Jamie continued, “As we reflect on the history and success of our past collaboration, I am enthusiastic about the potential for further strengthening the ties between Student Horizons and ABSA”.

In response to the announcement, (Richard Stokes), CEO of ABSA, emphasised the importance of safety in educational travel experiences, saying, “We are excited to continue our partnership with Student Horizons. Their commitment to safety aligns with ABSA’s priority to ensure the well-being of students. As we embark on this exclusive six-year journey, we look forward to enriching educational experiences that prioritise the safety and holistic development of the students we serve.”

Jamie Wansey, Managing Director of Student Horizons, shared his personal experience of boarding school life at Old Swinford Hospital in the Midlands of the UK. “My time at Old Swinford Hospital was more than just an education; it was a transformative experience that shaped my confidence and independence. Boarding life instilled values of resilience and camaraderie, which continue to guide my approach at Student Horizons.”

This exclusive six-year partnership signifies the dedication of Student Horizons and ABSA to creating meaningful and safe educational travel experiences for students across Australia, New Zealand and beyond. The organisations anticipate a future of continued collaboration, growth, and positive impact on the lives of students.


About Student Horizons: Student Horizons is a leading provider of educational travel experiences, specialising in organising customised trips for students that combine learning, adventure, and personal development. With a commitment to values and purpose, Student Horizons creates opportunities for students to explore the world, broaden their horizons, and build lasting memories. #experiencesforlife

About ABSA: The Australian Boarding Schools Association (ABSA) is a national association representing the interests of boarding schools across Australia. ABSA plays a pivotal role in setting and maintaining standards for boarding schools, fostering collaboration among institutions, and promoting the well-being and education of students in boarding environments.

January 19, 2024