B the Change

B the Change: Student Horizons are proud to announce our journey towards B Corp Certification!

Here at Student Horizons, having a positive impact on the world has always been central to what we do. Our vision is to enrich the lives of young people and to provide experiences to students that are equally as life-changing as they are life-shaping. This latest step is another commitment to having an even greater positive influence in our communities – both locally and in our host destinations.

What are B Corps?

Certified B Corporations, or B Corps, are organisations that are committed to using business as a force for good in the world. B Corps operate a triple bottom line business model – Profit, People and Planet. They have a higher commitment to considering social and environmental impacts during the decision-making process, and also share some of Student Horizons’ core values such as safety, integrity and community.

Some notable B Corps that you may have heard of include Kathmandu, Ben & Jerry’s and Patagonia.

The process of obtaining Certified B Corp status will provide a tangible roadmap for Student Horizons to continue the journey of doing better business. B Corps perform highly in three fields:

Social and Environmental Impact

The comprehensive impact assessment run by B Lab monitors how a business performs along the supply chain. Practices such as reducing waste, making charitable donations, and maintaining a balanced work environment are all key areas where B Corps excel.


Annual reports and corporate governing documents are some of the ways that B Corps are held to a higher level of transparency, both internally and to the public.


The initial B Lab assessment, coupled with the reassessment every three years, ensures that B Corps are truly having a positive impact on people and the planet – as well as encouraging businesses to continue to improve.

SH is excited to put in the work to achieve this certification, so watch this space!

If you’d like to find out more about B Corps and what they stand for, check out their website: www.bcorporation.com.au

October 20, 2020