Be Inspired – Te Aute’s Hard Work Rewarded in More Ways Than One!

After two full years fundraising for their tour, the boys from Te Aute College were finally able to set off on their Rugby & Cultural Tour to Europe. The team played matches in the UK, France, Belgium and Italy. Not only did they work incredibly hard to raise the funds for their tour, they also found time to train hard too, because they ended their tour completely undefeated! Rugby was certainly the driving force behind this tour, but the students were also eager to experience other cultures, and share their own culture with the Europeans. The Te Aute students spent time socialising with the opposing team after each game, and the European teams were blown away by the passion Te Aute displayed through traditional Maori hakas and songs. Through their own public cultural performances and the amazing sights that Europe has to offer, the students left a very special mark on the places they visited, and had an experience that they themselves will never forget.

November 30, 2018