Canberra Educational Tours

This year it is expected that over 170,000 school students will visit Canberra on an educational based tour. There’s no denying the capital’s unrivalled power to educate and excite the nation’s youth on all things politics and civics! The home to Australia’s parliament house, old parliament house and National Electoral Centre, Canberra provides students the ability to immerse themselves and experience on-site learning better than anywhere else in Australia.

Canberra however is not limited to its rich government based activities. From science to engineering, nature to geography… Canberra really is the a top touring destination for school trips within Australia.

Canberra School Trips is a specialist tour provider and the team are well versed and experienced in coordinating meaningful safe trips for school students. Safety is their core value and guides all decisions they make as they put together the tailored logistics for each school excursion.

Canberra School Trips help teachers who are busy enough already by simplifying the booking process for your Canberra school tour, providing a proactive and seamless service from start to finish.

Their experienced and super friendly team will work with you in partnership to deliver exceptional experiences for your students in the Nation’s Capital.

May 27, 2019