Lifelong Learning

A year and half after finishing his senior executive MBA, Jamie Wansey, owner of Student Horizons was finally able to celebrate his achievement in person in Melbourne.

Jamie explains,  “Navigating study during a global pandemic was challenging and equally challenging for the academic faculty. I certainly have some firsthand appreciation of what is must have been like for school students studying and schoolteachers doing their very best to adapt during the height of the pandemic”.

Melbourne Business School livestreamed the graduation ceremony from the Melbourne Town Hall and this enabled Jamie’s family to watch the ceremony from their living room in Queensland.

“An absolute highlight of the day was watching a video my wife sent me of my children’s excitement as my name was called out and I accepted my graduation gift on the stage. They had, after all, witnessed the effort and experienced the sacrifices made to get this done. I hope for them that watching dad study and graduate at age 44 will inspire them to lifelong learning”.


Jamie on stage receiving his graduation gift

Jamie at the Graduation Valedictory dinner, sharing a few words about the professor, whom the SEMBA cohort has awarded the faculty award.


September 8, 2022