New year, new experiences, same motto #experiencesforlife

At the start of a new year we look ahead to major events: the US presidential election, the Paris Olympics, our final exams, and we often have a new found motivation or feel the pressure from social media to achieve (and post about it). But what if you focused not on what medal you want to win or grade you’re after, but instead on the process of growth you experience that allows you to get there?

It’s no secret that our experiences when we’re young shape us into the adults we become, and this includes experiences when travelling. So for us at Student Horizons it’s less new year’s resolutions and more ‘new year, new experiences, same motto’. We’re all about promoting and facilitating your education, learning, and growth outside the classroom, away from the screen, and outside your comfort zone.

You might hear people tell you “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”, but it’s easier said than done. When it comes to travel, the new physical and mental spaces we’re ‘forced’ into provide us with key moments for growth. No, we’re not talking about conquering a fear of heights by jumping out of a plane. Travelling with your school or club offers the simple idea of being away from home, away from your parents/carers (possibly for the first time), away from the place you live in (perhaps very far away!), and away from the everyday amenities and routines you get so comfortable relying on. In today’s world it’s easy to avoid discomfort: we might choose to decline someone’s friend request, change plans if it’s raining, not try a new hobby for fear of failure… it’s easy to shrug off an idea because the fear of the unknown starts creeping in. Even an exciting prospect such as going on a tour can feel overwhelming and even ‘more hassle than it’s worth’.

But at Student Horizons we’re here to remind you that safe travel is worth it. To help you navigate from comfort to new experiences consider your journey as illustrated below:


Source: Toolkit – ‘Leaving The Comfort Zone


So how can you navigate through that fear zone to get the most out of your tour? Here’s what we think you should know to put your mind at ease and embrace your #experiencesforlife to the fullest:

  • Safety is our number one priority and we can do that effectively with your 100% cooperation. A safe tour is a great tour!
  • You can rely on your group and your teachers to give you support and friendship whilst away from home – we love hearing about the lifelong memories created between you, your fellow students and even your teachers (yes, really).
  • At Student Horizons every member of the team loves travel so you can rest assured that your tour is packed full of exciting experiences designed for you and your group that you may not usually consider.
  • Don’t worry if when on tour you feel like you’re lacking confidence. Whilst you don’t realise it, you are taking in everything you experience (which can sometimes feel exhausting!). You might find that your reflections, memories and feelings when you return are often more powerful than how it feels in the moment.
So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the year of getting uncomfortable and dive into your #experiencesforlife.


By Isobel Lobwein

January 28, 2024