Outback Exploration with Tourism and Events Queensland

Outback Exploration with Tourism and Events Queensland

Jamie Wansey (CEO of Student Horizons) joined representatives from Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) and the Outback Queensland Tourism Association last week on a trip through the North, Central and the Southern regions of the Outback. Jamie presented at three regional workshops in Richmond, Barcaldine and Charleville. Passionate about the Outback, Jamie shared his enthusiasm for promoting the region to both primary and secondary schools, whilst highlighting what schools are looking for in such experiences. Opportunities and challenges were robustly discussed by shire council members and local tourism operators and safe to say there were lots of gems unearthed across all three regional workshops.

Jamie explains, “In my mind the Australian Outback must be a rite of passage for all Australian school students. In the same way students have been visiting Canberra in droves for 20-30 years I believe it is now just as important school students experience the Outback”.

The itinerary for the trip incorporated Mt Isa, Cloncurry, Richmond, Hughenden, Muttaburra, Barcaldine and Charleville. Outside of the workshops Jamie and his hosts made some brief visits to local tourist attractions before continuing through captivating and ever-changing scenery on a mixture of both dirt and sealed roads.

History, geology, geography, wildlife, and culture were aplenty, and salt of the earth people made the trip an experience for life.

Thank you very much to Matt and Sarah at Tourism and Events Queensland for the invitation to join you and support your “Education Experience Program”. We look forward to organising many more special experiences for school groups in the Queensland Outback over the coming years.

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June 24, 2021


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