Raising aspirations of young entrepreneurs

It has always been in Student Horizons Managing Director Jamie Wansey’s nature to encourage education and development for young adults around the world; whether through educational tours, the Foundation of Student Horizons or various events such as the ASPIRE International Youth Music Festival.

In November 2016 whilst at the Nurture Change ‘Bizcation’, an opportunity arose for Jamie to sponsor a group of young Fijians to travel to the Festival For the Future, which happened last weekend; from 4-6 August. These youths had the chance to connect with like-minded young innovators across New Zealand, as well as delegates from all over the world. The festival is an incredibly useful event where young people can improve skills, talk about worldwide issues and be inspired by the speakers.

Nurture Change ‘Bizcation’

The young entrepreneurs travelled with the Spirit of Sharing organisation, who also donate sports equipment to Fijian schools, and help microfinance different projects and so have a heavy involvement in the Fijian communities.

Jamie is very passionate about fundraising so was very keen to get involved and do something creative to raise money for this amazing cause. Double Olympic Gold Medallist Lisa Carrington was also present for the Nurture Change event and so an idea came about that there should be a sponsored kayak race against the gold medal champion herself.

Student Horizons has contributed over a third of the total $26,000 raised we are incredibly proud to be helping a group of Young Entrepreneurial Fijians attend the Festival for the Future.

August 9, 2017


Fundraising Music