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Student Horizons Partners with the Youth Coaches Rugby Forum in January 2024

In its third year running, the ‘Youth Coaches Rugby Forum’ is set to make waves in Australian rugby development, and Student Horizons is proud to announce its partnership with this transformative event. Scheduled for January 2024 at Nudgee College, this forum is gaining international recognition as a vital platform for coach development in Australian rugby.

Elevating Australian Rugby Coaching

Founded and organized by Sean Graham, the ‘Youth Coaches Rugby Forum’ has grown exponentially, with more than 350 coaches attending the first two events. What makes this gathering truly special is its commitment to fostering diversity and sharing ideas that challenge the conventional ways of thinking. Sean Graham’s vision is clear: the more diverse the group of coaches in the room, the better. It’s a testament to the forum’s inclusivity that they can accommodate “Live-in” Guests on-site, extending a warm welcome to coaches from around the nation and beyond.

Expanding Horizons for Coaches

The ‘Youth Coaches Rugby Forum’ offers an array of invaluable learning opportunities for coaches, touching upon various aspects of the game. Here’s a glimpse of what’s on the agenda:

  1. Technical and Tactical Skills: Coaches will have access to master classes on core skills, position-specific skills, and tactical strategies.
  2. Art of Coaching: Participants will explore the art of coaching, delving into effective methods and strategies.
  3. Feedback and Communication: Effective feedback and communication techniques are key components of successful coaching.
  4. Session and Program Planning: Understanding how to structure sessions and long-term program planning.
  5. Mental Fitness Strategies: Coaches will gain insights into mental fitness and resilience strategies, a vital aspect of player development.
  6. Breathing Techniques: Breathing techniques can enhance performance and aid in player well-being.
  7. Video Analysis: Coaches will learn the art of video analysis, a crucial tool for refining team performance.
  8. Strength & Conditioning Programs: In-depth insights into strength and conditioning programs for rugby athletes.

A Partnership for Development

Student Horizons is honoured to be part of the ‘Youth Coaches Rugby Forum’ in its mission to elevate Australian rugby coaching. We believe that coach development is a vital pillar in propelling the sport in the right direction. By partnering with this dynamic forum, we aim to support coaches, players, and the sport as a whole.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting partnership, and we look forward to a fantastic event in January 2024. Together, we’re committed to building a brighter future for Australian rugby through dedicated coaching and development.
For more information about the ‘Youth Coaches Rugby Forum’ or Student Horizons, please feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to assist and inspire.

Student Horizons – Inspiring tomorrow’s players, today.

October 24, 2023