The Best Destinations for STEM Educational Tours

Three Top Destinations for Future STEM Professionals

Students around the world are showing more interest in how STEM can be used to improve the world around them. Touring to one of the top STEM destinations is a fantastic opportunity to see how the professionals work. Our tours will show students some of the many ways in which STEM education can be applied in real-world contexts. You will be able to experience the most exciting and cutting-edge technology and see how it can benefit society. If you want a career that helps change the world, our STEM educational tours can set you on the path.

NASA -  STEM Educational Tour


These are our top three choices for an eye-opening STEM tour:


The USA is a world leader in innovation and research. A nation shaped by inventors and those who challenge the status-quo. There’s plenty to see and learn in the United States, especially in regards to the fields of STEM.

NASA, the best-known space agency in the world, has labs and research centres all across America. The Kennedy Space Centre in Florida has been the primary launch centre of U.S. human space flight since 1968. KSC offers fantastic astronaut experiences for students, so you can immerse yourself in the exciting world of space travel. Through the Astronaut Training Experience, you can even feel the effects of microgravity for yourself!

Universal Studios and Disneyland offer their expertise in motion physics with a workshop on rollercoaster design. Of course, you will then be able to test what you’ve learned in practise, with a visit to the theme parks. All in the interests of science.

If it’s inspiration you’re looking for, Silicon Valley is basically the HQ of start-up success stories. Pay a visit to the campuses of Apple and Google for a glimpse at the inner workings of two world leaders in technology. Our STEM educational tours also offer the chance to interact with entrepreneurs of start-up companies. STEM helps create creators, and there’s no reason why young entrepreneurs can’t dream big!

Intel - STEM Educational Tour


Singapore is a small country with a rapidly growing reputation for technological advancement. Their Smart Nation Initiative pledges to make Singapore ‘a leading economy powered by digital innovation’. Singapore also has the world’s best internet connection speed, so that’s definitely a plus!

Singapore has many great attractions that will appeal to STEM students. Science Centre Singapore offers activities, workshops, interactive exhibitions and live shows. At the Singapore Art Science Museum, you can see presentations given by industry leaders. The NEWater Visitor Centre is a uniquely educational experience that promotes water sustainability. Visitors can tour the water purification centre and take workshops showcasing the technology used to clean Singapore’s water.

There are many other interesting and beautiful sights to be seen in Singapore, including several architectural wonders. The Double Helix Bridge and Gardens by the Bay are iconic visual spectacles. Not to be missed is the Supertree Grove, where futuristic looking trees are designed to perform environmentally sustainable functions. Marina Barrage is Singapore’s dam, built where five different rivers meet, and boasting lovely views of the bay.

Gardens by the Bay - Educational School Tour


Japan has a vibrant and unique culture, which makes it a fascinating destination for a tour. Tokyo in particular is a hub for technology and cutting edge design. On one of our STEM educational tours to Japan, students can experience innovation and technology at its most efficient.

In Chofu-City, Tokyo, you can visit the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). The Chofu Aerospace Centre is the focal point of Japan’s aeronautical research and development. It is equipped with specialised test facilities, such as wind tunnels, research aircraft and a supercomputer.

At Kawasaki Robostage, you will get an up-close look at the most state-of-the-art robotics technology. Learn how robots are used in conjunction with Virtual Reality rides, and witness artificial intelligence for yourself. You will be able to take home a portrait drawn by a robot – after it has seen and interpreted your face!

Honda Robotics and Toyota HQ also offer tours, so you can learn about their latest developments. Creators of the famous human-sized robot, Asimo, Honda Robotics has great exhibitions and demonstrations on offer. The Toyota Kaikan Museum also holds robotics shows and displays its new technologies to the public.

And for some physics-defying fun, visit Fuji-Q amusement park. It is famous for rides that hold world records for speed, height and steepness.

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These top three destinations are leading the world in technology, design and feats of engineering. We think they make perfect destinations for STEM educational tours!

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November 7, 2019


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