The rise of STEM Tours

STEM tours to the US

We live in a world of change, and today’s world is changing at unprecedented rates. Technology is transforming how we live, work, communicate and pursue ideas, and these technologies are developing faster than ever before. The fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics are ever more important in how they contribute to and inform modern society, and are particularly relevant to students moving into a new wave of careers. 75% of jobs in the fastest-growing industries will need skills and education in STEM.

STEM tour to the US

More and more high school age students are showing a keen interest in STEM and the ways in which these subjects can be applied to important issues facing our world today. Teachers are in an important and privileged position to be able to foster this curiosity, and create opportunities for students to really invest in their learning.

An overseas STEM tour to the US is a great way to spark students’ imaginations, and just like the subjects themselves, these tours are steadily rising in popularity. On a STEM tour to the US, you could be taking your students to places such as Apple, Intel, NASA, Stanford University and the Kennedy Space Centre. Our other popular destinations for STEM tours include Japan, Europe, and Singapore, which are some of the most thriving hubs of smart technology in the world.

STEM tour to the US

Your students will be able to take hands-on workshops in robotics labs, take part in field studies for conservation and food production, and see up close developing technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence. The experiences your students will have on an overseas STEM tour will provide them with meaningful learning opportunities, where they will gain first-hand knowledge of the impact that technology and scientific research can have, and be able to explore ideas for future innovation.

A tour of this nature can have a positive impact not just on a student’s future career path but also on their contribution to society. Younger generations are showing a deeper interest and active investment in not only their own futures but that of the whole planet, and a STEM tour to the US is the perfect way to nurture that interest in a way that benefits us all.

May 20, 2019