Top Destinations for Performing Arts Student Tours

When it comes to world-class performance opportunities, we believe that the US and UK provide the perfect backdrop for performing arts student tours. Young performers will jump at the chance to work with world-renowned choreographers, acting coaches, and other industry professionals. A tour to the US or UK is sure to inspire and motivate your students to reach their fullest potential.

The UK provides the perfect backdrop for performing arts student tours.

Perform on stage at Disney

In New York, there are opportunities galore for exploring performance-based career options. Our student tours provide in-depth workshops with artists and performers from major performing arts institutions, including NYFA and Broadway. Recording studio sessions will speak to the hearts of any aspiring singer-songwriters and give an exciting glimpse into the world of professional music. Students will also be able to enjoy guided tours of iconic arts and media establishments, such as the Radio City Music Hall and NBC Studios.

To really round out your performing arts experience, add a stopover in Los Angeles or Orlando. Your students will have the opportunity of a lifetime to perform on stage at Disney! There are many performing arts workshops available at Disneyland Resort, including acting, dance, singing, and more. A visit to Disneyland will certainly hold great appeal to anyone with a love for song, dance, and colourful spectacles. LA also offers opportunities for behind the scenes tours at Warner Bros., and many more world famous sights.

disney performing arts student tours

To be, or not to be…

As different as the American and British cultures are, so too are their approaches to art and entertainment. For students who prefer the grand traditions of classical theatre to the glittering lights of Hollywood, England is certainly the dream destination of student tours.

The workshops offered on a performing arts tour to the UK are designed to actively engage students in traditional or avant-garde techniques. Young theatre lovers will delight in a workshop and guided tour at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon. Other compelling options include West End Musical Theatre workshops, National Theatre acting workshops, backstage tours of famous and historic theatres, and more.

Shakespeare globe theatre student tours

London is the centre point of theatre and performance in the UK, and abounds with unmissable experiences for creative types. The World of Harry Potter should definitely be included on your itinerary, and Shakespeare’s Globe is certainly a must-do. Students on our tours can enjoy a guided tour of the Globe theatre, as well as taking in a performance.

While both destinations have very different styles, both have an avid love for performing arts of all kinds. We think the US and UK have something to excite everyone with an inclination for the stage.

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October 20, 2019


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