What Makes School Music Tours Unique

Music is one of those wonderful mediums that is so adaptable and infinitely open to creative re-imagining that it is almost impossible to make all music and musicians fit into neat categories. It is therefore important to curate a school music tour specific to each ensemble and their particular needs, to ensure your entire ensemble will be engaged, inspired and motivated by their experience.

school music tours

Image: ASPIRE International Youth Music Festival 2021

Taking music students overseas will give them a new perspective on their craft and, through the exploration of the musical history and culture of your chosen destination, an appreciation for music on a larger scale. Touring to destinations with thriving music industries also allows students to explore the concept of a career in music. There are often opportunities to visit and tour the campuses of tertiary music education institutes, and workshops with industry professionals offer a behind-the-scenes look at the music business. Even the busy schedule of touring and the experience of travelling with instruments will be an insight into the life of a professional musician that cannot be gained at home. Wherever your tour takes you, your young musicians will have the opportunity to attend masterclasses, perform publicly, explore the local music scene, and if possible, partake in school exchanges, all of which will influence them both as a musician, and as a person.

school music tours

Live public performances are a special and exclusive feature of our music tours, and in our experience, are incredibly effective in the way they take students out of their comfort zone and build their confidence. We find that there’s nothing like the idea of performing in front of a crowd of strangers to get students motivated to practise hard and refine their technique! Public performances can also be a wonderful bonding experience for students and teachers alike, and give an enormous sense of excitement and achievement that nothing else quite compares to. It’s an excellent way to discover some of the best neighbourhood hubs, and maybe even chat to some locals as well.

school music tours

No two music tours are created equal, so while Student Horizons will take care of most of the details for you, there are some important things to consider before booking your music tour.

It is great to get as much information about your music group in advance as possible, so we can organise workshops and excursions that best suit your ensemble. We recommend planning your repertoire from the earliest possible stages, even if you don’t have your travelling ensemble confirmed yet. If you are participating in a festival or competition, it is definitely a good idea to obtain the list of performance pieces you will have to choose from in good time as well.

If there are particular areas that your group would like to improve or focus on, we can arrange workshops or masterclasses to accommodate this. We also like to get a general idea of your group’s skill level, so that workshops and any school exchanges can be appropriately matched.

school music tours

Travelling with instruments always provides additional challenges that other tour types don’t necessarily have to contend with, so it’s good to be prepared for the logistics of this. Some tour groups like to use public transport where possible, to get a feel for the city they’re staying in, but if you’re a group with large instruments, it might be best to plan to utilise public transport on days where there are no performances, workshops or exchanges planned. It can be fun to hop on a train, tram, or bus to explore the sights or go shopping, for example. We also recommend weighing and measuring instruments well in advance, and keeping the information handy for when we require it of you.

Whatever style of music your group specialises in, an overseas music tour can benefit them in ways that cannot be imitated. For something that inspires and encourages your students, hones their skills and increases their confidence, provides real-world experience, life skills and industry insights, and shows them the potential their future holds, well…. what are you waiting for?

All our music tours include:

  • Safety management and incident management plans
  • Workshops with expert clinicians
  • Public performances in prominent international venues
  • Flights, accommodation, transport and sightseeing
  • Meal inclusions
  • Pre-departure and on-tour support

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October 3, 2019